Brian Humphrey
Brian Humphrey / Branch Manager/ Senior Loan Advisor
NMLS #289208
Phone: 925.627.7121
Cell: 925.980.0577
Fax: 925.226.1512

"It's my belief that every person has an equal right to own a home and have access to the best mortgage products and services from people who are diligent, knowledgeable and give solid financial guidance. We strive for that excellence."

RPM Mortgage,Inc.
RPM Mortgage distinguishes itself from its competitors by hiring the most professional agents in the industry. RPM's distinct competitive advantage is our in-house lending operations with underwriting and funding departments which funds billions of dollars annually. In twenty years RPM has grown to be the largest privately owned mortgage bank in the Bay Area. We finance single-family, multifamily, second homes, investment properties, commercial and construction loans. Our programs include: Fixed rate mortgages, adjustable rate mortgages. Reverse mortgages. FHA 3.5% down payment purchase program.

Best Reasons to Refinance
Most of my clients refinance to lower their monthly payment, switch from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate mortgage, change to a 15 year term, get cash-out for home improvements or to pay off high interest credit card debt.

Financial Benefits of Home Ownership
Single family home appreciation has averaged 6% the last forty years. The mortgage interest and property tax deductions with capital gains exclusion up to $500,000, make real estate your best investment, particularly since it is a leveraged asset with 20% or less down. Plus, don't forget about the 1031 tax free exchange on investment properties.

Improving Your Credit Scores
Lenders use credit scores to determine your cost of financing. The FICO® algorithm groups your credit history into five weighted groups: Payment history 35%, Amounts owed 30%, Length of credit history 15%, New credit 10%, Types of credit used 10%. Scores range from 300-850. To learn more, call me or visit

Brian began his career in the mortgage industry in 1990, as a mortgage consultant with Home Savings of America. After many years of being a top producer for Home Savings, the bank became part of Washington Mutual. In 2000, Brian joined RPM Mortgage while continuing his excellence as a top producing consultant. Throughout Brian’s career in the mortgage industry he has worked in the Walnut Creek 680 corridor. After working this market place for more than 20 years he has made a name for himself as one of the most highly respected mortgage advisor in this area. Brian’s passion is to provide all of his clients the ultimate mortgage experience. He strives to make every client feel as though they are the most important client he has ever worked with. Brian prides himself on being a good listener; this helps him to achieve his goal of providing each client with the very best mortgage for their personal needs. Brian’s attention to the smallest of details helps ensure that his client’s loan packages flow through the system smoothly. Nearly all of Brian’s clientele comes to him as referrals from satisfied customers or referral partners who are very happy to refer their friends, family and clients.

Before entering the mortgage industry, Brian enjoyed a career with the E&J Gallo Winery. One of his assignments gave him the opportunity to live in Barbados while travelling the entire Caribbean as part of Gallo’s International Division. He was responsible for all sales and marketing programs for 14 different countries within the Caribbean. Brian attributes his ability to relate to his client’s diverse and extensive needs to these types of exposures.

A native of Northern California, Brian was born in San Francisco, and is a Graduate of California State University at Chico. Brian now resides in Walnut Creek with his wife Nancy, daughter Danni and sons Kyle and Cole. In addition to spending his free time with his family; Brian enjoys golfing, boating, coaching baseball and softball as well as entertaining family and friends.



    • 30 days worth of recent paystubs
    • W2's for the last 2 years - 2011 and 2012
    • Federal tax returns (all pages) for 2011 - 2012
    • 2 months worth of current bank statements
    (checking, savings, CD's, etc)
    • Most recent asset statements (Retirement,
    401k, IRA, Life Insurance, Stocks, Bonds, etc)


    • Form 1099 for last 2 Years (2011 - 2012)
    • CPA Contact Information (name, email, phone)
    • Federal tax returns (all pages) for last 2
    years (2011 - 2012)
    • 2 months worth of current bank statements
    (checking, savings, CD's, etc)
    • Most recent asset statements (Retirement, 401k,
    IRA, Life Insurance, Stocks, Bonds, etc)


    (In Addition to the above listed)

    • Current mortgage statement(s)
    • Homeowners insurance declarations page
    • Lease agreement(s) (If applicable)

  • I just wanted to thank you again for recommending Brian Humphrey, he and his team were awesome. I closed my loan last Friday and now I am finally debt free.
    – Teri D.

    Congratulations, RPM is quite the mortgage company to be associated with! Thanks again for working with Shannon and Dee for the purchase of their home. They are very happy with the loan (and the interest rate!) and enjoyed working with you. I enjoyed working with you too!
    Looking forward to the next transaction with you.
    -- Leslie K. Mills
    Realtor Previews Property Specialist

    Thank You Brian for getting this done. You are knowledgeable, honest, hardworking and you deliver on your promises. I don’t believe we would have gotten it done without your efforts. The extra steps you were willing to go to in order to secure whatever was needed, is above and beyond what is expected. I will highly recommend you and your team at RPM.   
    -- Dana and Sandra Kafka 

    I can't thank you enough for all your hard work and how quick everything went without a hitch!!!! I appreciate all yours and Brian's efforts and diligence to get me my new home!! People are amazed as to how quick and effortless you have made my experience with RPM.  I wish you all the best and I will make sure if anyone is looking for a home to call you! Thank you again! 
    -- Michele

    WOW! Awesome! Thank you Brian and Lori for all your help and for putting up with Mr. Nervous Nelly. Sorry, but I don't have a lot of experience working with pros like you. Sarah and I really appreciate all that you have done and we will definitely refer friends your way. 
    -- Chip and Sarah
    Alamo, CA

    A month ago you told me that you would get a loan done for me and my family...and you were true to your word. I am eternally grateful. You and Lori kicked butt. You are a good man. I look forward to many years of business together.
    -- Jeff S.
    East Bay

    Brian Humphrey is superb, knowledgeable and trustworthy. This is the second home purchased with his timely help. Would recommend him to friends and family.
    -- Chad & Kathleen Roghair

    Just want to say what a delight it was doing business with you - again! So quick, easy and hassle free!!! Your professionalism and competence are truly welcomed in our crazy world. Thank you!
    -- Francine Hughes 
    Walnut Creek, CA

    I appreciate all the help you gave me on refinancing my mortgage. I will certainly pass your name onto anyone I may meet in the future with mortgage needs. Thank you again for making it all so easy to do.
    -- Jean S.
    Walnut Creek, CA

    Brian was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. There were times when I was overwhelmed with work and all I had to do was call Brian, and he helped make everything happen with the assistance of my Real Estate agent.
    -- Dennis & Robin Gustafson

    This Sunday marks the 1yr anniversary of the closing on our first house.  We love it more and more every day and feel very fortunate in such a crazy market to even have a roof over our heads, let alone a home of our own.  We couldn't have done it without you.  I hope all is well with work and family.
    – Tom J.

Loan Programs

To help you find the right type of home loan to meet your specific needs, RPM Mortgage offers multiple mortgage programs. This variety of residential mortgage lending solutions puts you in control of your future and enables our knowledgeable, trusted staff to help create a personalized mortgage solution to make your real estate goals a reality.

Our loan programs include, but not limited to: Jumbo loans to $3 million, Agency Conforming, Agency High Balance, FHA Conforming, FHA High Balance, FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM), VA, VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRL), USDA, Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (MI) Option, Split, Single and Financed Mortgage Insurance (MI), Concurrent 1st and 2nd, Max Financed Properties (up to 10), Delayed Financing, Fannie Direct Lender, Fannie Mae Service Retained, Freddie Mac Investor Options, DU Refi Plus, HomePath, FHA Flips

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Home Purchase

Real estate moves fast. To secure the home of your dreams, you need customized home mortgage options and community-centered service. RPM Mortgage has a reputation of trust and results as well as supporting technology and tools to ensure your transaction is as streamlined as possible.
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Finding the right lender for your refinance is an important decision. RPM Mortgage's wide range of products are all handled by our knowledgeable in-house mortgage lending staff. Thanks to the RPM lending platform and proximity to our top-tier staff, we deliver faster deals, more customized lending options and reliable service to you right here in the community we both know and love.

Whether you're looking for security, strength or a sterling reputation, RPM is your powerful ally in today's confusing home mortgage refinancing market.

  • Expert community-based service
  • Exclusive in-house mortgage banking service
  • Established position and hard-won reputation for integrity
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You've worked hard to earn your credibility, success and community roots. You stake your reputation on every referral you make. As an RPM Mortgage referral partner, you will discover new opportunities to provide your customers with a more personalized option in residential mortgage lending. They will see faster, smoother and more effective transactions. Your reputation and business thrive on connections, referrals, and partnerships. Join RPM's network today and grow that reputation and business into a well-known, credible source.

RPM Mortgage has grown its reputation by attracting and rewarding the best talent in the communities we serve. RPM has built upon the pillars of trust, knowledge, and community, bringing these principles to our colleagues and customers through a tradition of "can do, will do" service. It is this that makes us the independently owned and operated mortgage lending operation and broker of choice throughout the markets we serve. Our established position and hard-won reputation for integrity combined with ingenuity have made us the real estate finance partner known for supportive, collaborative partnerships.

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