Dean Wong
Dean Wong / Branch Manager
NMLS #261224
Phone: 310.574.7777
Cell: 310.344.3252
Fax: 866.329.5832

"My Reputation IS My Business"

I have been helping my clients successfully finance their new homes since 2002. Throughout my lending career, I have built a solid reputation for my experience, knowledge, and integrity. My business is 100% referral-based.

I originate purchase and refinance mortgages in Los Angeles and throughout California for primary residences, second homes and investment properties. I offer FHA, conventional, jumbo, and super jumbo loan programs. I pride myself on my attention to detail. My goal is not only to be your Loan Officer but also your trusted advisor. Mortgage needs are different for everyone, so I work diligently with my clients to ensure the best fit for their unique needs. Clients who work with me know that they will get the best advice, with competitive pricing, and that the transaction will close with no surprises.

Once you become my client, I consider you a Client for Life.

In addition to my high client satisfaction ratings, I am also proud of the reputation I have built among local Realtors. The real estate agents I work with continue to refer their clients to me because they know how important a smooth lending process is for the entire transaction. These real estate professionals know that when I sign a pre-approval letter for our clients, that they are in good hands.

In my free time, I love spending time with my wonderful wife of 10+ years (the two of us met when we were 12 years old) and my two amazing young children. I am also a race car enthusiast and local "foodie", always on the hunt for the next great meal. (Let me know if you've found any gems!)

I look forward to working with you and helping you achieve your piece of the American Dream.

  • I encourage you to read up on what my existing clients and real estate agents are saying about me:

  • Client Testimonials

    "My wife and I were extremely impressed by Dean and his group. They were extremely professional, always quick to respond to any questions, even after hours or on the weekends. Their rates were comparable and they didn't try to hide hidden costs or lie about rates like others I got quotes from. We had a quicker escrow time period and Dean and team worked with us to ensure we met our abbreviated deadlines. I would definitely recommend RPM!"
    Brian M., Client

    “I am a Real Estate Broker owner of Heritage Realty Brokers, in Long Beach CA. Dean Wong was the loan officer for the buyers of my clients home. Dean did a great job! We needed a 30 day escrow in order for my clients to achieve their goals. The transaction came off without a hitch and I highly recommend Dean Wong.”
    David B., Real Estate Broker

    “This review is in regards to the fabulous Dean Wong!! This guy made the process of being a first homebuyer as seamless as possible. He was prompt with his communication and nothing was too hard for him. He showed patience, intelligence, kindness and great character. Dean, working with you was truly a pleasure!!! Thank you so much for getting my family into our dream home. :)

    P.S- Sorry it has taken me so long to write this review, I've been too busy decorating every spare second that I have! :) :)”
    Suzi A., Client

    Can't say enough WONDERFUL things about Dean Wong and his team at RPM Mortgage. I just bought my first home and it couldn't have gone more smoothly with his expertise and communication. He worked well with my agent and made sure I was locked in at a competitive rate during a volatile time in market (much better than some of the other quotes I received). He also kept me on track with clear timeline of what I needed to get done--which is a feat considering I am swamped with work/travel/social. Lastly, he was available anytime for some of my "what is this form for?" first time buyer questions which made me feel confident throughout the process.

    When applying for a loan it's kind of like a roller coaster, but Dean and his team are the arm straps that keep you safe inside so you just enjoy the ride...and a new home at the end!

    Thank you Dean for your help and making this a fun, painless experience. I highly recommend to family, friends, co-workers etc. 5 Stars without hesitation. *****
    Johnathan Q., Client

    We found RPM on Yelp and am so glad we did.

    DEAN WONG provided outstanding service from the pre-approval to the closing. He answered every email/call promptly and professionally. He gave clear easy to follow direction on what was required of us every step of the way.

    Not only did he exceed our expectations by closing in 30 days when our realtor told us it could not be done, but then he even offered to help out with a snafu that occurred on the escrow companies error. Dean never stops working and is always working to get you the best deal.

    I can not say enough about his ability, professionalism and attention to detail.

    RPM: I am your customer for life!

    Thank You for making our dream home a reality!
    Anna & James, Clients

    Working with Dean Wong for the very first time was impressive. As a Real Estate Agent, I always recommend my clients to work with MY trusted lenders. Dean Wong has now earned his badge in my short list of trusted lenders. Dean is very efficient and knowledgeable in financing investment purchases. Everything went very smooth and closed on time. From over 100 miles away, I feel comfortable he will get the job done every time.
    Eric M., Realtor

    He was the Loan officer for one of my listings (buyers side)

    When I received the pre-approval package from the buyer, honestly I wanted to toss the other offers away. We did have a multiple offer situation. At the end chose the buyer because of RPM's professional pre-approval package!

    Knowledge: 5 Stars
    Time it took: Lets just say 0-60 in few days (Escrow time that is)
    Unbelievable communication during the entire process
    Took care of rising problems (not from their end) right away.
    Always available to answer questions............and I mean always.
    Smooth transaction: That would be an understatement. These guys rule!!
    Will I work with them again: YES YES AND YES!!!!!!!!

    End of story! and to all Good night! (It is about 11 pm when i am writing this :)
    Ray K., Realtor

    There's not enough words I can say about Dean Wong with RPM.  Dean saved a very difficult transaction of mine that was surely about to fall out of escrow.  He stepped in even after the seller had issued a notice to cancel and "SAVED THE DAY".  Not only was my buyer thrilled, but so was the seller!  My favorite saying is DEAN WONG IS THE MAN!  If you need a lender to do what no other lender can do, you shouldn't hesitate to contact Dean Wong.  His professionalism, knowledge & experience far exceeds any other lender I've ever worked with - trust me I won't  think about using anyone else.  He's the best!!!!!
    Pat W., Realtor

    Unfortunately, I am limited to 5 stars. I am a Realtor who has been depending on Dean Wong for the past five years. Whether it's a simple loan or a complicated transaction involving foreign money, Dean is relentless and will not stop working until my escrow closes. He has been an advisor and a mentor, and my #1 go-to-guy when clients ask who I would suggest they speak to about financing issues. He's willing to help everyone. He explains complicated financial transactions to first time buyers in ways they can understand. He is a man of integrity, competence and loyalty. You can't do better. Call Dean Wong for all of your financing/refinancing needs.
    Russell R., Realtor

    Dean Wong was very helpful in the process of securing a refinance on my jumbo loan. These days, these loans can be tough to underwrite and Dean helped with the process and made sure I understood the process. My loan funds next week and I am very satisfied with the outcome. It is best to work with an experienced professional and certainly Dean is that.
    David N., Client

    Service: 5-stars.  Absolutely.  And I'm always hesitant to / conservative in giving 5-stars.
    When: Started November 2011
    Overall: Saw all the other awesome Yelp reviews and decided to use Dean! Dean is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and will answer questions (however trivial or seemingly inconsequential) very promptly. When I compared certain fees in mortgage process, he was true to word and provided not only great service but also gave a competitive match.

    I needed clarification on certain lender requirements: Dean even talked me through background of why that policy even came into play.
    I'd highly recommend him to anyone~!
    Sandee T., Client

    I've worked with Dean sine 2007.  Needless to say he is honest, professional and prompt.  I never hesitate to refer my clients to Dean.

    Whoever you are, client or realtor.  Dean will put your interests at the forefront and make sure it gets done.
    Adam R., Realtor

    Just find a good rate and any mortgage broker(age) will do right?
    Only if you don't care about customer service.
    Only if you don't' care to get the best deal.
    Only if you don't worry about getting ripped off.

    DEAN WONG helped us through our re-fi with white glove service and found better rates and less fees than our previous lender (BOA), our bank (Union), and two credit unions. He walked us through all of our questions and made the process virtually pain free. Most importantly, he delivered on (exceeded) everything he promised.

    Second re-fi in three years.  I would not trust another broker.  Dean Wong is the best in the business.  I've referred no less than 1/2 dozen of my friends and associates just this year and all have raved about the deal and service they have received.

    I HIGHLY recommend Dean and his excellent service.
    Jeff L., Client

    I am a first time home buyer and Dean was amazing throughout the process.  I was in a financial position that required a certain set of circumstances in order to get a place in the location I desired and Dean was very patient with all my questions and always provided me with the information and options that would and would not work.  I did not have to deal with all of the last minute "where did this money come from?" or "where did that money go?" questions that friends and family have had to deal with that postponed escrow. There were no last minute changes to rates or amount to put down. He was easy to get a hold of and to deal with.  I definitely recommend using Dean if you are a first time or experienced home buyer.
    Jen M., Client

    Dean Wong is by far the best in customer services top to bottom in the mortgage's business.   When purchasing my home in 2008, I researched and contacted many brokers, most of which couldn't bother calling me back. Luckily, I found Dean and didn't have to look any further.

    Dean walked me thru my first home loan as if I was one of his family members.  Since then, I've refinanced w/ him saving me $800 a month and Dean went even further as he helped me with the purchase and all of the red tape (from Wells Fargo - who was less than helpful) my grandmothers home. He goes above and beyond for his clients. Dean is one of the most honest,  professional people I know.  I have no doubt, he will be my broker for many many years.
    Suzanne L., Client

    It goes without saying that you need to find a mortgage broker who is creative and can think outside the box - especially in this economy.  In addition, getting a competitive rate with low lender fees doesn't hurt.  Dean accomplished all of this handily and this is what separates him from 90% of his peers.

    But what really elevates Dean above almost every other broker I've worked with in the past and what is most important to me, is customer service.  When I have a question, I need an answer today.  Not 3 days from now or next week. 

    At 9:30pm the night before I had to make an important decision relating to the closing of my home, Dean made himself available by telephone to chat with me for over 1 hour to walk me through the pro's and cons' of the various alternatives available to me.  That is what I call above and beyond and that is why I have no use for any other broker.
    Mark A., Client

    I own an escrow company in orange county and most of the time lenders provide very little notice and are a bit pushy. Dean and his staff took responsibility for their loan in addition to being on top of things with fabulous communication.  Very refreshing from an escrow point of view!
    Christine P., Escrow Company Owner

    RPM (Dean Wong) were amazing to work with.  Awesome service, speedy, and efficient.  Dean is professional, but has a great personality too, which made the experience fun.  We feel like we don't just have a mortgage broker, we have gained a friend too.  THANK YOU Dean.
    Dana C., Client

    This is the first loan Dean helped us with (and the second for my husband). He is so on top of things and always very helpful and responsive. Incredibly responsive, actually! We never once had to talk to a "machine." And a major bonus is that he's extremely kind, warm and personal too. Can't ask for anything more from a mortgage broker. We will definitely be back!
    Grace C., Client

    In a world were incompetence is the rule in the lending business, RPM Mortgage provides first-class service and unbeatable rates! This is the place to go if you want to be sure your loan will close without pain and sleepless nights. Trust me, nothing is more stressful than to be closing on your home wondering whether you'll get a loan or not. I've been using Dean Wong for years on literally DOZENS of transactions and he ALWAYS comes through, even in the most complex/ time sensitive situations.
    Pierre G., Realtor

    * Dean Wong * at RPM Mortgage is THE MAN! He was very accessible throughout the mortgage process, answered all my stupid questions, and even gave us a good pizza place to go to once we moved in! He even helped me out with other things after we were finished with the mortgage stuff. He was recommended to me by my Realtor (who I got from Zip Realty online - another place I would recommend), and I would, in turn, recommend him to anyone else looking for a mortgage broker in Los Angeles. Yay Dean!
    Kellie F., Client

    Dean is amazing!!! He came to the rescue at the last minute when my prevous lender completely dropped the ball. My realtor referred him to me when I was about to give up on the home hunting process altogether out of total frustration. He is so attentive...there were times when I emailed him at 10pm on a Saturday night and he emailed me back within 5 minutes...I was in shock. In the beginning I needed lots of reassurance from him, since I lost all confidence in lender I had prior to Dean. After working with Dean for only a few days, I had already learned how competent and efficient he was. At that point, I trusted he would pull through, and he did! I closed right on the scheduled closing date and am now officially a homeowner....thank you Dean!!!
    Mayli L., Client

    Dean is amazing!!! He came to the rescue at the last minute when my prevous lender completely dropped the ball. My realtor referred him to me when I was about to give up on the home hunting process altogether out of total frustration. He is so attentive...there were times when I emailed him at 10pm on a Saturday night and he emailed me back within 5 minutes...I was in shock. In the beginning I needed lots of reassurance from him, since I lost all confidence in lender I had prior to Dean. After working with Dean for only a few days, I had already learned how competent and efficient he was. At that point, I trusted he would pull through, and he did! I closed right on the scheduled closing date and am now officially a homeowner....thank you Dean!!!
    Akane N., Client

    I have been working with Dean and his team at RPM Mortgage for many months now. Every time I meet with his client to sign there loan documents, every fee, rate, term of the loan is exactly what they wanted. They are without a doubt, the best at what they do. Need a loan, call Dean at RPM.
    Joanna B., Notary Public

    Everything everybody's already written about Dean Wong and RPM is absolutely true!  Amazing service even when outside forces seemed to be conspiring to derail the process!   Not only was he always on top of things, he made sure everyone else was as well.
    Michael J., Client

    If you're looking get a home loan or refinance, the buck stops here. Dean Wong smokes the competition. He is professional, communicative and appropriately aggressive- qualities that are so hard to find these days... He secured my home loan for me as a first-time buyer- and made the process so streamlined and positive. At the time, I was surrounded by fast-talkers trying to manipulate me into giving me their business. Dean stood out from the crowd with his patience, expertise and willingness to explain everything to me (sometimes again and again - lol). A few years later, when it was time to refinance, I actually put my feelers out to a few other people recommended by friends- I kid you not, by the time those guys even called me back, Dean had already locked me into a rate that beat all of them, and had put me on the path to closing the deal! He's really on the ball, and truly the best at what he does.
    Sheila M., Client

    Dean Wong at RPM Mortgage is a rockstar mortgage broker. Even though we bought our home in San Francisco, we decided to work with Dean (who is based in LA) on high recommendation from friends. He is knowledgeable, efficient, and prompt. He patiently answered all our questions throughout the process,  was always speedy with his replies to emails, and is all around friendly to work with. We will not hesitate to work with him again for our next mortgage, and highly recommend him.
    J. W., Client

    Dean Wong handled the mortgage for our home as first-time buyers. He is so patient, knowledgeable and helpful. I have since often talked to Dean to get his advice and am currently working with him on a refinance of a different loan. He is incredibly helpful and honest and I've experienced repeatedly that he truly listens to what I am thinking and is so willing to weigh options back and forth with me rather than rushing me through any decisions. He is highly educated, gracious and cultured also and I can say with confidence that Dean is truly the best person to work with in the industry.
    Reem H., Client

    You truly are a magic man!!!!
    Kim G., Client

    You really are amazing. I'm so glad that I met you and have such a great partner to work with! When you do things like this, you go above and beyond. And, it makes you look good, but it makes me look good too, so again, I wanted to send my double thanks and appreciation to you!
    Connie K., Realtor

    Thanks Dean, you profoundly changed my life.
    Doug, Client

    Dean has gone above and beyond for me and my clients on each and every deal and my clients ALWAYS give glowing reviews about Dean Wong. One of my New Year's resolutions is to have smooth escrows and I know this will be accomplished with Dean Wong on my side. The guy is a true professional. He's proven time and time again that he just loves what he does as he does it so well.
    Ari S., Realtor

    Dean is the most competent loan officer I have ever worked with. He does not promise a thing he cannot do (if there are such things!), and over delivers with flying colors on all of his promises.

    I have been fortunate enough to use Dean's services on a couple of my transactions and I have been blown away on his level of professionalism, skills, quickness, responsiveness and integrity at every single time. I have wondered sometimes if this guy actually slept, because I could always get a hold of him when I needed to. Dean would always respond to me within a matter of seconds.

    My clients have thanked me on multiple occasions for such an incredible referral. Dean is a true asset for your company and for all of those professionals who have the privilege of using his services. Dean Wong's deliverance comes with a type of authenticity and excellence which is beyond measure!!!
    Ella Z., Realtor

    I'm going to keep short and sweet because I believe we have already established that Dean is indeed a miracle worker. but just another attribute about him that it is a true display of his success - RESILIENCY. I have a deal now that has problems from left and right. You know, one of those that just about when you think everything is good, something comes out of nowhere, smacks you right on the face and tries to knock your escrow down. Dean's support and perseverance is keeping this deal alive. By now, any other broker would have given up but not Dean. Our jobs are hard enough but having someone by your side that helps alleviate the pressure and that you know will have the same passion, perseverance and determination as you, makes an INCREDIBLE difference.
    Lucy B., Realtor

    I just wanted to let everyone know what an amazing job Dean Wong did for me to close a very tight escrow over the holidays.

    We had a 10 day escrow and Dean jumped in on day four after my client had problems with another lender.

    Dean funded the loan in SIX DAYS! We closed on time, the Friday before New Year's Eve. Plus he did 10% down for an investment property which is also very difficult.

    If you're ever in a bind or just need an amazing person to refer to your clients, have them call Dean.
    Nancy R., Real Estate Agent

    He is "Super Loan Officer" who can do what no other man can.
    Matthew D., Realtor

    You know something Dean?

    It is rare these days to find someone like you who responds to emails and returns calls when promised.

    You are professional and personal all at the same time.

    You have really helped make this process much smother and I appreciate it.

    You are excellent at what you do!
    Annah, Client

    I am so excited and grateful for all of your help on helping me get the loan. I have been incredibly busy moving in and traveling with work, but wanted to sincerely say thank you again!!
    Jen D., Client

    Thanks a lot!!! I will definitely recommend all my friends to your company.
    Daisy, Client

    Thanks Dean!!! You've been such a pleasure to work with. I appreciate all of your help and work! I would definitely recommend you to my friends.
    Kelly T., Client

    I really appreciate you and your staff. You have been great. This was a very rough and drawn out situation but you pulled it off, and I will always remember and appreciate that. May God bless you for being such a great person. I will never forget what you did for me and my girls. We are very happy in our new home. You are the best and I wish you well.
    Shawn, Client

    I would recommend you to ANYONE -- you are very, very good at your job and incredibly easy to work with.

    It was a pleasure!!
    Andrea, Client

    The only thing more tedious and frustrating than the preparation necessary to file taxes is the preparation and paper-chasing necessary to refinance.

    I found Dean Wong's office on Yelp and called for more information after reading the great reviews. After their brief pre-application process I was on my way to a refi, hoping to have one of the many 5-star experiences featured this Yelp page. It happened. Dean was completely professional, emailing me promptly throughout the holiday season and the entire process took only a few weeks during which his team kept me completely informed at every step. They made it as easy as it could possibly have been. Highly recommended. If you're here shopping to refinance, you're all done--and you're welcome!
    G.N., Client

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