Hunter Marckwardt
Hunter Marckwardt / Executive Loan Advisor
NMLS #242073
Phone: 925.552.3892
Fax: 866.895.1109

Hunter Marckwardt is currently the #1 producer at RPM Mortgage for purchase-money loans. In 2016, Hunter and his team closed 233 loans and funded over $135,000,000. We take a professional, structured, and detailed approach to lending. Our single mission is for our clients to never look for another lender again. We believe this philosophy is the only approach we can take in this chaotic lending environment to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

One integral aspect to the success of Hunter’s career has been his emphasis on creating honest and lasting relationships with the realtors he does business with. Weekly updates, quick response times, knowledgeable answers, and clear communication are the cornerstone of Hunter’s dedication to supplying the best possible professional relationship. Instead of viewing it as an option, going the extra mile is always seen as a necessity to Team Hunter.

We believe in clients vs. customers. We believe in “my pleasure” vs. “no problem.” We believe that our value needs to go beyond service. We need to impact your livelihood and your reputation in a way that no other lender can.

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  • Our experience with RPM Mortgage, specifically Hunter Marckwardt and his team, was stellar. 
    My husband and I were first time home buyers and we didn’t have a clue about securing a loan or the process that's required. We were very nervous about getting the house we wanted with a mortgage we could afford. 
    From the start, the process was explained to us in a way that made sense. The team was patient and kind when we had what seemed like a laundry list of questions and Hunter made us feel like we were his most important clients. His team was on it - timely, organized, informed and supportive. 
    RPM is polished, professional and work hard so that you don’t have to. I give their team my highest recommendation. We are now living in the home of our dreams, with a mortgage that we feel comfortable with. My husband and I couldn’t be happier.
    -- Emily and Michael

    The dust is starting to settle from our closing so I wanted to take this time to follow up with a heartfelt thank you.  Andrea and I truly appreciate the hustle and professionalism that you all displayed in jumping in to rescue our loan.  It was a pleasure dealing with each of you and the teamwork that you all exhibit is inspiring.

    Hunter,  I appreciate you taking the time to talk with Andrea and me last week.  You said all of the right things on the phone and that was reassuring.  However, what really matters, and where you and your team really excels, is that you actually delivered on what you said you were going to do.  Not only did you successfully get us funded in record time, but we closed ahead of the initial timeline that was first discussed with RPM.  

    You all walk the talk.  For that, Andrea and I are truly grateful.
    Thank you again
    -- M and A

    “Unequivocally RPM Mortgage, and Team Hunter specifically, is the only place we would ever consider going for a mortgage of any kind. Hunter and his team provided my wife and I an innovative and financially attractive mortgage solution on an incredibly tight timetable. Even under considerable time pressure, they were consistently clear and transparent in their communication, provided thorough and accurate follow-through, and remained consummate professionals. Perhaps most of all, Team Hunter's customer service was second-to-none. Working with them, even on a transaction as complex as our particular mortgage, was like dealing with super-smart friends you know you can trust.

    Hunter Marckwardt and the entire team are the standard by which all lenders should be judged.  My wife and I are lifelong customers and we are forever grateful.”
    -- Todd

    “A pro's pro. I would HIGHLY recommend the team to anyone.  I would be shocked, repeat, shocked, if you had a better experience somewhere else.  They were fast, VERY honest and on top of everything from beginning to end.”
    -- Matt

    “Buying a house is a stressful process at any time, but especially in this crazy Bay Area market right now.  As 2nd time home buyers, we were prepared for it but had also seen first hand - as sellers of our first home - how the escrow process can be a bumpy ride (our buyers took an extra week to close and it was a nail-biter for us).  All this to say, we expected our experience to be high stress and it was exactly the opposite.  At the very beginning, Hunter met with us in person to go through all the numbers and make sure that we could go into any offers being fully educated buyers.  This was so important in this climate of non-contingent offers.  Then, when we had an offer accepted, the team was just amazing. We had to do most of the up-front forms and documents assembly on a flat bed scanner at my cousin's house in rural Missouri while out of town unexpectedly.  The team didn't skip a beat with their patience with us and clear explanations of what would be needed and when.  They were incredibly accessible and responsive and gave us really helpful weekly updates throughout escrow.  We had no surprises, no tense moments, and best (and most surprising) of all, we closed earlier than expected.

    You can stop your research now.  Work with Hunter and his team and you won't regret it!”
    -- Meghan

    “Hunter and his team are seriously rock stars! We were referred to RPM after we realized the necessity of having a more fully processed loan upfront, rather than just the basic checks and the generic pre-approval letter from your average loan broker/lender. We had two other pre-approval letters from other lenders, one of which I had worked with on three occasions previously, and the other was a big bank (WF) which was incredibly slow and lacked communication skills. In this time of all cash offers and multiple bids per home though, we needed something a little more solid than that. Enter Hunter and the RPM team... They asked for everything upfront, and I mean EVERYTHING. No detail was overlooked and they correctly anticipated every nit-picky detail the underwriters would come back and ask for. We had everything we needed sent to them up front (paystubs, tax returns, bank statement, etc.) and they asked for signed templated letters of clarification to explain every possible question that may come up -- change from maiden name to married name, explanation of several credit inquiries over the past few months (shopping around for rates), and letters explaining work history (work at home Dad), etc. When it came down to the day our offer on the home went in, they drafted our formal letter in a matter of minutes to match the exact amount needed (i.e. not more than that which would imply to the sellers that they could sucker us into paying more). After our offer was accepted, they shifted into high gear and got things moving quickly. Since so much of the legwork was already complete, once we had the acceptance and the appraisal, everything was whisked away to underwriting. Whereas usually they come back with a huge checklist of missing items, the only thing we needed to supply was a cleaner version of one of the things we submitted which came thru funky on the fax machine. The team is extremely organized -- their weekly "Tuesday updates" were an awesome way to keep us in the loop as to the upcoming events of the week and how the loan processing was coming along. They are perfectionist and never missed a detail, and had a wonderful way of explaining things in simple terms, making sure we had a full understanding of the process. We ended up funding the loan in about 22 days. The entire team was truly a pleasure to work with -- professional, upbeat, friendly, detail-oriented, and perfectionists. We are so glad we chose to work with them.”
    -- Jennifer

  • It is rare to come across a professional that is on their game at all times. Luckily, Hunter is the exception to the rule! I trust him implicitly and rely on his advice and knowledge of the industry daily. He is able to accurately assess my clients’ needs and guide them through the entire mortgage process flawlessly (and with a little humor when needed). Hunter is a true professional who continues to impress me, my team and our clients with each and every transaction.
    -- Dana Green, Pacific Union-Lafayette

    Our standards are very high for our team’s performance, and for the professional services that we recommend to our clients. On a consistent basis, Hunter and his team distinguish themselves with an uncommon level of professionalism, attentiveness to their clients’ needs, and for generally exceeding client expectations. In an industry where some believe that lending is a commodity, Hunter’s team differentiates themselves on a consistent basis. They are the standard for excellence that others should be held to, rather than settling for the inconsistent and disappointing performance that has become the norm with their industry.
    -- Ron Rothenberg, Pacific Union International, Lafayette

    My business has tripled since using Hunter. I no longer have to “worry the loan through” as I did with other lenders, which frees me up to handle more business. He is amazing with my clients and they are all left feeling like they understood the process and were given the best service and deal structure available. He truly is the best lender I’ve come across.
    -- Renee White, Keller Williams Realty

    If you are looking for a great mortgage broker, look no further, Hunter and his team provide the best service I've experienced during my 20 year career as a local Realtor. The bottom line is Hunter and his group of team members deliver and I can recommend him with a high level of confidence.
    -- Kurt Piper, Residential Broker, Broker, Pacific Union International

    Hunter and his team have become such a beneficial part of my Real Estate team. I know when I send them a buyer referral they will meet and exceed the client's expectations. Hunter and his team communicate perfectly with me throughout the escrow period making sure that I am kept informed every step of the way. I have been in Real Estate for several years now and have never experienced the level of service that Hunter and his team offer my clients.
    -- Emily Barraclough, Alain Pinel Realtors

    I have known Hunter and his team since 2007 and I can say that I have never worked with a better lending partner. He does a wonderful job in prequalifying our mutual clients, setting expectations and delivering results. His communication throughout the process is top notch and his record for closing on time is quite impressive. I highly recommend Hunter Marckwardt and his team at RPM mortgage if you are looking for purchase financing or to refinance an existing loan.
    -- Brady Hobby, Hobby and Associates

    I've had the pleasure of working with Hunter and his team for over 3 years now and have nothing but good things to say. Hunter and his team are constant professionals keeping myself and clients informed and updated throughout the entire purchasing process. I tell my buyers that when you receive a pre-approval from Hunter it's your "golden ticket" because they go through every time. The reason I continue to go to Hunter's team is because they're diligent in the pre-approval process and do all the necessary background work to ensure the escrow will be smooth and flawless. Escrow closes on time and contingencies are removed without headache; quite refreshing. I can honestly say that I'm fortunate to work with his team and look forward to many more transactions in the future.
    -- Robert Pace, RE/MAX Accord

    Simply put, Hunter is the best mortgage banker in the business. My clients love him which is why I love him. He creates total trust up front and then delivers every step of the way.
    -- Peter McDowell and Phyllis Weiner, J. Rockcliff Realtors

    In 23 years as a fulltime REALTOR, I have never worked with a better mortgage broker. In what can be a challenging lending environment, Hunter and his team are always completely forthright and honest, and always do their best for the client. Other brokers promise success but often either disappoint in the end or don't stay in contact throughout the process creating unnecessary stress for borrowers, sellers and agents. In comparison, Hunter and his team stay in constant contact, so we always know exactly where we are at any given time. Because I work in a remote area on the coast, many of my clients don't ever meet with Hunter or his team directly. It's never a problem because of Hunter and his team's excellent attention to detail. Plus they stay ahead of underwriting guidelines and federal regulations to anticipate issues before they come up, so solutions are found and transactions are seamless. My husband and I refinanced our home with Hunter a couple of years ago. It was instructive to be a borrower working with his team. I was not disappointed and it was the easiest re-fi we have ever experienced. Every client I have referred to Hunter has been completely satisfied. I could not recommend him and his team any more highly.
    -- Kristine Thomure, Real Estate Advisor at Kennedy and Associates

    The purpose of this e-mail is to commend you on your outstanding representation of my clients in the purchase of their new home. Your knowledge and level of service places you in a category unparalleled in the industry. During the current economic climate, it is imperative to work with a true professional. Thank you for your attention to detail, unbelievable follow-through and professionalism. My clients could not be more pleased with your services. If any of your future clients are desirous of speaking with me, please do not hesitate to have them contact me directly. Thank you!!
    -- Carole Cline, J. Rockcliff Realtors-Blackhawk

    You’re always on it, you and your team provide the best customer service in the business
    --Trish O’Connell, Intero Real Estate Services

    The Sunset Drive home is going to good and your team made it possible, I am certain. Good thoughts go out to you in thankfulness for that extra professional effort you give to your business. Exceptional comes to mind. May we continue to do business for many more transactions
    --Mary Benton, Kennedy & Associates, Gualala,

  • Our clients and our own staff have relied on Hunter over the past five years for all their lending needs. He is a trusted advisor within our firm and I cannot say enough great things about every experience we’ve had with him. I consider it a luxury for DWA to have access to someone with the integrity, ethics, and professionalism he carries into every opportunity we’ve provided to him.
    -- Dave White, Chairman-David White & Associates

    Hunter and the Team are true professionals.  Being in the financial service industry myself, I usually don't find many professionals that exceed my expectations...however, they flew way past my expectations.  If you want a truly great team helping you secure a loan, please stop wasting your time looking for someone and call Hunter and his team.
    -- Daniel Sanom, Ameriprise Financial

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