Monica Jones
Monica Jones / Branch Manager
NMLS #290779
Phone: 707.361.5506
Cell: 925.339.1764
Fax: 866.660.3788

We are truly passionate about our profession, and the result is that nearly 100% of our business is by referral from satisfied clients, trusted financial advisors and the most experienced local realtors. Our mission is to carefully guide you through the entire home loan process, so that you feel confident as you make choices about the many options available for your financing strategy. With many years and a wide range of experience in the mortgage industry, our dedicated team stands ready to assist you each and every step of the way.

We understand that it's not just a house, it's your home.

Your home is one of the largest financial commitments that you will make during your life, and many people view that as meaning just another monthly payment.

My entire focus is building a relationship of trust, and being a comprehensive resource for my clients and Realtors.

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  • My entire focus is building a relationship of trust and being a comprehensive resource for my clients and realtors. As part of my process, I regularly communicate, and I anticipate potential surprises (to prevent them) all with the focus of delivering outstanding service for my clients and realtors with a seamless and timely transaction. I do the research (by monitoring the bond market on an hourly basis) and shop with several lenders to obtain the very best loan for my clients, always placing your best interest first.

    You only think about home financing a few times during your life.
    My team and I think about it every day.
    It’s your home and your future.
    It’s our profession and our passion.
    We’re ready to work for your best interest.

    My Commitments & Services to Clients:
    • Identify your specific needs in our initial consultation/appointment, available to meet with you at your convenience, including evenings
    • After researching with my investors/banks, provide detailed loan analysis, thoroughly explaining all of your options and the factors affecting them
    • Include an analysis of tax savings and investment strategies customized to your objectives
    • Keep on track with your scheduled close of escrow date, communicating consistently with all parties involved
    • Attend escrow document signing

    My Commitments & Services to Realtors
    • Keep you informed with weekly market e-newsletters
    • Formally pre-approve new clients within 2 hours upon request
    • Anticipate to prevent any potential any potential issues from occurring
    • Provide twice weekly updates on every escrow from start to finish so you always know exactly where we are in the process of a transaction
    • Provide co-branded marketing materials for your Buyer and Seller clients
    • Work in tandem to provide unparalleled service to our clients

    Why RPM
    RPM is both a Direct Lender and Broker and has been serving our customers since 1985. We’re one of the largest lenders in the East Bay, and in the top retail originators of Jumbo loans in the U.S. RPM has our Full Eagle Approval from HUD, which means we underwrite and fund FHA & VA loans in-house with ease! We can close conventional purchase loans within 20 days, FHA & VA purchase loans within 25 days and refinances in 30 days. RPM has our own appraisal department which means we can guarantee the appraiser that gets assigned to your home will live/work within 15 miles of the subject property (eliminating the risk of a out of area appraiser appraising your property).

  • All documents can be submitted via fax, email (please password protect your information before you send across in email) or uploading through my secure website. We look forward to working with you!

    If employed by a company or a self employed, please submit:
    1. Most recent 2 years Federal Tax Returns (including all schedules/statements), or your CPA’s contact information so we can request them
    2. Most recent 2 years W2s (or 1099’s if you are self employed)
    3. Most recent 30 days of paystubs
    4. Most recent 2 months bank/asset statements
        a. Need all pages. Please send actual statements (that show your name and full account number) – no screen shots or
            transaction summaries please.
        b. If any accounts are held in a trust we will need a copy of the trust.
        c. Note: if you have any deposits over $250.00 that are not direct deposit, we will need to papertrail the deposit with a copy of the
            check you deposited along with a brief explanation for what the deposit was for
    5. If you currently own any real estate we will need the following for each property you own:
        a. Copy of current mortgage statement(s)
        b. Copy of home insurance declaration page
    6. If you will be putting your home in a trust at closing we will need:
        a. Copy of the Living Trust, all pages
    7. Copy of divorce decree (if applicable)
    8. Copy of Driver’s License

    If you have a partnership or corporation, please submit all of the above and also:
    1. K1s for most recent 2 years
    2. If you have more than 25% ownership in a Corporation or Partnership please provide full business tax returns (1120s)

  • Monica Jones
    Mortgage Planner
    Although widely known for her industry knowledge, Monica has also earned a strong reputation for providing honest and professional service to every client she works with. Monica and her team are dedicated in delivering superior mortgage advice and unbeatable service.

    Erica Dismuke
    Clients Services / Production Partner
    Direct: 707.361.5505
    Erica will be your main contact once your file gets into processing. She will be calling and emailing you for information as needed, following up on your documentation, and contacting you with your weekly updates.

    Francesca Pomilla
    Loan Processor
    Francesca will be processing your file and working closely with the underwriter and Monica Jones to ensure a timely close.

  • "Monica Jones is the best lender I have ever worked with. Her hard work and dedication are unparalleled compared to any other lenders I have worked with. Her knowledge of the ever changing and volatile market at hand is impressive and so important in this climate. She's awesome!!!"
    -Wendy Feurdean, Realtor®

    "Trust me, Monica is FAR SUPERIOR to any lender that I have worked with since 1977! I appreciate that my clients are in great hands with Monica and wish I had met her sooner. Monica knows her loan products, is a fantastic communicator, gets back to us promptly and is a person of integrity...a great combination!"
    -Diane Vallon, Realtor®

    "We were introduced to Monica through our real estate agent and we are so glad that we worked with her. She sent our loan request to several banks and got the best rate for us. We were ready to sign when she found a lower rate and worked with the new bank to process the paperwork as soon as possible to expedite our move. We felt that she was doing everything in her power to make sure we got the best deal and worked closely with us through the entire process. We are recommending Monica to everyone we know."
    -Miguel & Elizabeth Valadez, Castro Valley

    "It is so important to have a good team of people that you can refer your clients to. Having Monica on my team ensures that all of my transactions are going to be smooth. Her knowledge of the market and the extra efforts she makes go above and beyond what is expected of her. With all of my clients and myself, Monica has created "Raving Fans!"
    Janella Anguiano, Realtor®

    "I don't have enough superlatives to adequately describe Monica and her assistance with my recent mortgage purchase. Being a first time home buyer I had many questions, a bit of apprehension, and a lot of uncertainty about the entire process. Monica was very patient with me, spending time to discuss all of my options, clearly explaining the pros and cons of each, and always making sure I understood exactly what she was talking about. I never felt rushed or pressured when speaking with her. When I was making offers on homes she was able to quickly generate the appropriate pre-approval letters on very short notice, even on Sundays! And in one instance, she even took the time to call a nervous seller on my behalf to explain our loan type (FHA), our pre-qualification status, and reassure him that our loan was good to go... Talk about going the extra mile!

    Once our offer got accepted, she got the loan processed and funded in record time. While others were taking 40+ days to fund a FHA loan, Monica got it done in 20 (as promised)! It's been great to have her on my team, and I've definitely found my mortgage broker for life! In short, Monica is: Responsive, Knowledgeable, Patient, Efficient, Attentive, An Excellent Communicator and Trustworthy. Out of 10 stars, I would definitely give Monica an 11!"
    -Jeff Barrows, Oakland

    "Monica is an immense asset to the Real Estate & Lending market. She is very professional and incredibly helpful. During the entire process of an escrow, she goes above and beyond to make it a pleasant and rewarding experience. Monica is also very accommodating to everyone involved, their schedule, needs, and concerns. She is a true pleasure to work with. I pick her for my team every time!"
    -Leslie Drury, Realtor®

    "My first encounter with Monica was as a mortgage broker where she helped my husband and I obtain financing for the home of our dreams. Ours was not an easy loan to obtain and we were impressed with Monica's creativity, tenacity and excellent client service. I am now a licensed Realtor® and I refer my clients to Monica because I know they will receive the benefit of her extensive experience and outstanding service. I have always felt that Monica puts her clients' interests before all else."
    -Allison Johns, Orinda

    "I don't wait for my clients to ask for a lender referral. I insist they work with Monica. Having her on the "team" gives me confidence that the loan portion of the transaction will be expertly handled. Clients routinely praise Monica as conscientious, personable, knowledgeable and effective."
    -Eric Chalifour, Realtor®

Loan Programs

To help you find the right type of home loan to meet your specific needs, RPM Mortgage offers multiple mortgage programs. This variety of residential mortgage lending solutions puts you in control of your future and enables our knowledgeable, trusted staff to help create a personalized mortgage solution to make your real estate goals a reality.

Our loan programs include, but not limited to: Jumbo loans to $3 million, Agency Conforming, Agency High Balance, FHA Conforming, FHA High Balance, FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM), VA, VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRL), USDA, Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (MI) Option, Split, Single and Financed Mortgage Insurance (MI), Concurrent 1st and 2nd, Max Financed Properties (up to 10), Delayed Financing, Fannie Direct Lender, Fannie Mae Service Retained, Freddie Mac Investor Options, DU Refi Plus, HomePath, FHA Flips

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Home Purchase

Real estate moves fast. To secure the home of your dreams, you need customized home mortgage options and community-centered service. RPM Mortgage has a reputation of trust and results as well as supporting technology and tools to ensure your transaction is as streamlined as possible.
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Finding the right lender for your refinance is an important decision. RPM Mortgage's wide range of products are all handled by our knowledgeable in-house mortgage lending staff. Thanks to the RPM lending platform and proximity to our top-tier staff, we deliver faster deals, more customized lending options and reliable service to you right here in the community we both know and love.

Whether you're looking for security, strength or a sterling reputation, RPM is your powerful ally in today's confusing home mortgage refinancing market.

  • Expert community-based service
  • Exclusive in-house mortgage banking service
  • Established position and hard-won reputation for integrity
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You've worked hard to earn your credibility, success and community roots. You stake your reputation on every referral you make. As an RPM Mortgage referral partner, you will discover new opportunities to provide your customers with a more personalized option in residential mortgage lending. They will see faster, smoother and more effective transactions. Your reputation and business thrive on connections, referrals, and partnerships. Join RPM's network today and grow that reputation and business into a well-known, credible source.

RPM Mortgage has grown its reputation by attracting and rewarding the best talent in the communities we serve. RPM has built upon the pillars of trust, knowledge, and community, bringing these principles to our colleagues and customers through a tradition of "can do, will do" service. It is this that makes us the independently owned and operated mortgage lending operation and broker of choice throughout the markets we serve. Our established position and hard-won reputation for integrity combined with ingenuity have made us the real estate finance partner known for supportive, collaborative partnerships.

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