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Scott Young / Senior Mortgage Planner
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Scott Young was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and he has lived in Colorado since 1991. He graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. After working in the precious metals and environmental fields in the United States and Europe, he moved to Colorado in 1991. He is an avid kayaker with almost 40 years of experience. He has completed numerous first river descents in the U.S., Europe and Asia, and he was part of a 1996 expedition to the NuJiang (Salween)River in China that led to the establishment of the Three Rivers National Park, the first in China. He has been featured in numerous kayaking films, books and magazine articles over the years. His other interests are mountain biking, surfing, climbing, writing, languages, and traveling with his wife and son.

Since entering the mortgage banking field in 1996, Scott has helped a wide variety of clients with their mortgage planning, from first time homebuyers to investors. He has closed thousands of purchase, refinance and construction loans. His love of people and desire to find solutions to each clients' unique financing needs have earned him a reputation as a caring and creative lender who will go the extra mile to find the best programs for, and give expert advice to, his clients. His love of the outdoors and his range of professional and personal experience give him an empathy that puts his clients at ease. Many of his professional interactions with clients have led to lasting friendships. According to Scott, "The mortgage process is the reason my clients and I come together. However, at the end of the day, the people, the friendships, and the knowledge that I am helping my clients make intelligent mortgage decisions as part of a healthy overall financial plan are the most gratifying aspects of my job."


Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Scott, Is the best example of providing an excellent and timely product with no stress to the client. Financing and Refinancing with other brokers has either ended with mediocre results or significant stress. Scott took as much time as I needed, explained in as much detailed as I wanted, and performed extra research in order to get me the BEST deal. There was no stress and the results have been spectacular.”

-- Matt Booth, DVM, Principal
Alpenglow Veterinary Specialty + Emergency Center
Lyons, CO.

Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“We chose Scott to handle the mortgage when buying a home and for a refinance. He goes the extra mile to make things work for us. If I don't understand something about the mortgage, he'll take the time to explain it, and patiently do so more than once if necessary. He's a professional through and through.”

-- Brian Schwartz and Elizabeth McIntosh
Boulder, CO.


"Over the years, we have worked with Scott Young on multiple projects, including a short sale. Scott has always demonstrated a professionalism and flexibility that goes above and beyond. He works very hard to meet the needs of his clients and is extremely knowledgeable conerning the market. He makes every effort and succeeds at putting together the best package possible for his clients. We recommend Scott highly as an experienced, highly competent broker. We would utilize his services again in a heartbeat!"

-- Laura and Mike Richardson, President and V.P.
24-7 Restoration Services,
Lyons, CO.


"Scott Young was referred to me by a mutual acquaintance when I was looking to refinance my mortgage. I knew I wanted to work with someone local and Scott was highly recommended. We had an initial meeting to discuss my situation and what I was looking for in a new mortgage, and I found Scott knowledgeable, friendly and customer service oriented. After our initial meeting, I decided to work with Scott and what impressed me most was his attentiveness to my needs. He was quick to return a phone call or email, and was able to make the refinancing process as painless and easy as possible. Not to mention, he got me into a great fixed mortgage that met my needs. I’d highly recommend Scott to anyone seeking a mortgage, and have already referred him to a number of friends and acquaintances."

-- Ben Lawhon, Education Director
Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics
Boulder, CO.

Loan Programs

To help you find the right type of home loan to meet your specific needs, RPM Mortgage offers multiple mortgage programs. This variety of residential mortgage lending solutions puts you in control of your future and enables our knowledgeable, trusted staff to help create a personalized mortgage solution to make your real estate goals a reality.

Our loan programs include, but not limited to: Jumbo loans to $3 million, Agency Conforming, Agency High Balance, FHA Conforming, FHA High Balance, FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM), VA, VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinancing Loan (IRRL), USDA, Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (MI) Option, Split, Single and Financed Mortgage Insurance (MI), Concurrent 1st and 2nd, Max Financed Properties (up to 10), Delayed Financing, Fannie Direct Lender, Fannie Mae Service Retained, Freddie Mac Investor Options, DU Refi Plus, HomePath, FHA Flips

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Home Purchase

Real estate moves fast. To secure the home of your dreams, you need customized home mortgage options and community-centered service. RPM Mortgage has a reputation of trust and results as well as supporting technology and tools to ensure your transaction is as streamlined as possible.
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Finding the right lender for your refinance is an important decision. RPM Mortgage's wide range of products are all handled by our knowledgeable in-house mortgage lending staff. Thanks to the RPM lending platform and proximity to our top-tier staff, we deliver faster deals, more customized lending options and reliable service to you right here in the community we both know and love.

Whether you're looking for security, strength or a sterling reputation, RPM is your powerful ally in today's confusing home mortgage refinancing market.

  • Expert community-based service
  • Exclusive in-house mortgage banking service
  • Established position and hard-won reputation for integrity
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